Ouch! My leg hurts!

Suffer from nighttime foot
or leg cramps?

by Mick Winter


Scientists don't agree on what causes leg or foot cramps but they have several theories

1.  Dehydration - you need to drink more water and other liquids (no, not alcohol)

2.  Lack (or imbalance) of magnesium/potassium/calcium/sodium - you need to eat more of that stuff

Occurrence of muscle cramps also increases if you're pregnant or getting older. Cramps can also
be caused by commonly-prescribed medications, including statins, diuretics, steroids, and birth control pills.

This website offers some suggestions that people like you have found useful in dealing
with leg/foot cramps.

Note: In order to legally cover ourselves, we wish to inform you that we have no medical qualifications, do not diagnose or prescribe, and are merely passing along some suggestions that others have found successful for prevention, or at least dealing with, leg or foot cramps. Most muscle cramps, although painful, are harmless. See your health practitioner if the cramps become more frequent or severe or if you have any other concerns. Cramps can be a symptom of a number of serious health problems, varying from kidney or thyroid disease to diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Also see a qualified medical practitioner before undertaking any change in diet, activity or just about anything else.

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 This website is divided into three sections.

Fast Relief
What do I do the moment I get a cramp?

Short Term Prevention
What can I do that might prevent muscle cramping tonight?

Long Term Prevention
What can I do over the long term that might eliminate, or at least lessen, 
the leg and foot cramping I have experienced?

Fast Relief
All of these suggestions have been recommended by people 
who said they found very fast--even immediate--relief using them. 
Consider giving them a try.
woman massaging calf

 Short Term Prevention

Suggestions that some have found helpful in reducing the occurrence of muscle cramps in the same day.

Long Term Prevention 

Suggestions that might lessen occurrence of leg and foot cramps over time.

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